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New Castle Gardens is focused on organic gardening practices that can be used from small lots, to yards, to homesteads.

With food security a real concern, educating successful gardeners is no longer a hobby, but a real life need.  The freshest food is local and you can’t get more local than your own yard.

Plant diversity and living soil are key to a thriving organic garden that balances itself so you do less work.  The quality and nutrient density of your plants and food will increase.

Greenhouse with vegetables at New Castle Gardens

Our Vision

Our primary focus is to help people become successful gardeners. We promote, practice and teach organic, biodynamic, and permaculture no-chemical, non-GMO gardening.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer locally sourced plants and seeds that are acclimated to our region.  We provide an in-depth educational series that will give you hands on experience in all aspects of gardening, ensuring your success. 

We will always answer your questions honestly and offer you the insight that comes from our years of experience.  We never give our customers uncultivated answers.  If we do not know, we will research solutions with you. 

New Castle Gardens Founder

Michelle Cox

Michelle’s first memories are in the garden.  Her educational background is in Soils Biogeochemistry and Restoration Ecology.  She has worked professionally in nonprofit native ecology and farm-to-table education..

Michelle Cox

Natural & Organic

Steve and Michelle have been together for more than 32 years and have always been organic gardeners. Their biodynamic gardens feature living soils, Integrative Pest Management (IPM), companion planting, planting guilds, permaculture, and more.

New Castle Gardens Founder

Steve Cox

Steve’s first memories are of the natural wonders of Colorado outdoors.  With Michelle, he purchased the garden center after retiring from a 25 year career as a photojournalist. He is proud to boast that after starting as the chief hole digger, he’s become a well educated garden professional.

New Castle Gardens co-owner Steve Cox

Take Your Garden To New Horizons

Planning exciting changes for your garden but don’t know where to begin? 

We will be happy to book a free consultation to help you get started.

Meet The Cats

Our loyal and professional team members are always is here to offer you the purrfect solutions!

Orange Cat at New Castle Gardens

Orange Cat

Front Desk Manager

Orange Cat at New Castle Gardens
Phil The Cat at New Castle Gardens

Phil The Cat

Office Administrator

Phil The Cat at New Castle Gardens