Class Descriptions

Home School Classes – Every Tuesday in September

Roses 101 – The class of rose and the time of year it blooms influence the type and amount of pruning. General pruning principles apply to all roses, but there are differences between classes. The closer one gets to species roses the less severe the pruning. Join us to learn more about pruning and caring for your rose bushes to get the highest yield of this classic bloom. 2017 NCG Classes Rose Pruning 101 PDF or find more information here:

Soil Prep – Spring is the time of year to prep your soil, plant your seedlings and get ready to grow. We will be working, hands-on, in our education garden. Plan on getting your hands dirty. We will add soil conditioners like: Happy Frog; Earth Essentials Sheep, Peat, & Compost; Earth Essentials Cow & Compost; and Soil Pep. We will then work our soil and plant cold hardy seeds like garden peas, beets, carrots, lettuces, poppies, sweet peas, and violas directly into the ground outside. 2017 Soil Prep 101 PDF.

2017 Spring Lawn Maintenance – Learn more about aeration, dethatching, spring fertilizing, and garden tool care. 2017 Spring Lawn Maintenance PDF.