New Castle Gardens is producing a series of videos of our classes in order to allow for garden education while social distancing is necessary. Check out our full list of class curriculum PDFs and watch for more videos below.

Composting 101
Deer Resistant Plants
Garden Location
Garden Watering
It’s Soil NOT Dirt
Lowering Soil pH with Sulfur
Potatoes 101
Preserving Your Harvest
Rose Pruning 101
Seed Ball Recipe
Soil pH and Nutrients
Soil Prep 101
Spring Lawn Maintenance
Spring Tree and Shrub Planting
The Soil Food Web Gardening Rules
Tomatoes 101

Mothers Day Flowers and Festivities

We will be fully stocked with all our trees, veggies, perennials and more by this weekend.

FREE Hands-on Gardening Class
Saturday 05/11/19 at 10 a.m.
Thrillers, Fillers, Spillers

Design your own custom planter.

We will share our secrets to create a stunning planter. Everything you need to make your own overflowing pot of fabulous flowers!

Mother’s Day Festival

Come celebrate with us!

Hanging Baskets

This years baskets are going to blow you away! We will have an even larger selection, with more large moss baskets.

Don’t forget: For even better savings, our tax rate is only 3.9%.

Fertilizer 101 – Free Spring Gardening Class

Saturday 05/04/19 at 10 a.m.
Fertilizer 101

Do You Know Your NPK’s?
Image from:

You must feed your plants for them to thrive. Join us to learn what to feed your plants to make them healthy.

We will discuss how feeding your edible plants correctly will optimize the nutrient levels that you will receive when eating them.

Seed Potato SALE!

25% Off, 33% Off Purchases > 5 lbs


We are fully stocked with our beautiful 6″ geraniums. As always, these stunning plants are only $9.95.

For even better savings, our tax rate is only 3.9%.

Garden Bed Prep, Perennial Maintenance, & Early Plants

Free Hands-on Gardening Class
Sat 04/27/2019 at 10 a.m.
Garden Bed Prep, Perennial Maintenance, & Early Plants

Does your garden look like this?

We can help you make it look like this right now!

So it looks like this in the summer!

The class is hands-on so bring gloves, tools, and dress to get dirty! If the weather cooperates, we may even get some early season plants in the ground.

Organic Veggies -Featured Grower: Abundant TerrAced Earth

Terrie and Ace of Abundant TerrAced Earth will be supplying OMRI listed plants to us this season. They are grown in Silt Mesa. Terrie uses her abundant knowledge to only grow plants that will succeed right here. According to Terrie, “For the past 11 years, on a 10 acre USDA certified organic farm and garden, on a mesa in western Colorado, we have been continuously working on building a sustainable ecosystem that provides food, beauty, medicine, and harmony for future generations. We grow certified organic vegetable, herb, flower, medicinal, biodynamic, and permaculture plants for wholesale and retail sales.” They also have space left in their 2nd season CSA.

This is a list of what we will be carrying from them this year:
Veggies and Fruit:
Artichoke: Tavor: fun addition for the greenhouse. Gorgeous flower!
Bean, Bush: Royal Burgundy: Brilliant purple, 5″ pods. Very good flavor raw or cooked
Provider: Adaptable to diverse soil and climate conditions
Broccoli: DeCicco: early, yields small 3-4″ main heads followed by a large yield of side shoot.
**Gypsy: heat tolerant and do well in below average fertility.
Brussel Sprouts: Nautic: less woody stalk, more, uniform sprouts
Cabbage Farao: Delicious, early, green cabbage.
Red Express: Extra-early, compact plants with good flavor.
Cauliflower: Snow Crown: extra early and adaptable.
Graffiti: stunning purple heads.
Cantaloupe: PMR Delicious 51: Early, with juicy sweet flesh.
Celery:Tango: Performs well under heat and moisture stress.
Chard:Pink Passion: New-beautiful color and nice flavor.
Oriole Orange
Ruby Red
Cucumber:Marketmore: slicer, thick skinned, crunchy.
Lemon: Round, yellow and delicious.
Pickling: early and high yielding.
Eggplant:Listada di gandia: petite, purple-striped, Italian. Beautiful coloring and shape.
Little Finger: slender, petite, great for roasting.
Kale:Vates: Curly, dark green leaves.
Red Russian: Bright purple stems.
Lacinato: also known as Dinosaur kale for its bumpy skin.
Okra: Clemson: Spineless
Leeks:Bandit: Winter hardy
**King Henry: Early 75 day
Onions:Cabernet: Early, 4-6 mo. storage.
Bridger: Early, yellow onion.
Peppers: Banana Pepper, Goddess: sweet banana for pickling and fresh eating.
California Wonder Golden: early yellow bell.
Sweet Snack peppers: choose red, yellow or orange. Love these sweet little treats!
King of the North: early, sweet red bell.
Orange Bell: Heirloom, open pollinated.
Lipstick: Beautiful red sweet tear drop shaped pepper. My favorite!
Jalapeños: Early, reliable, tough plants.
Anaheim: Numex Joe E. Parker- great producer, large beautiful chilies.
Ancho/Poblano: Roasting, green chili.
**Corno di Toro: attractive and tasty red pepper.
**Ghost peppers (Bhut jolokia)-one of the hottest peppers!
**Habaneros: these pretty orange peppers pack a heat punch!
Serrano: Hot Rod-puts spice into life.
**Shishitos: a favorite with chefs!
Pumpkins: Baby Pam: just the right size for small spaces.
Squash, Summer: Y-Star Patty Pan: Perfect little, yellow, roasting squash.
Ronde de Nice: round, green with white speckles.
Yellow Crookneck: delicate flavor addition to any dish.
Zucchini: Dark Green-Disease resistant and high yielding.
**Golden Glory-beautiful sun gold color zucchini.
Squash, Winter: Acorn: Sweet Reba-yummy steamed.
Waltham Butternut: sweet, unique flavor.
Spaghetti: perfect for the gluten free spaghetti dinner.
Tomatillos: Toma Verde: a must have for salsas.
Tomatoes: I-Indeterminate D-Determinate
Cherokee Purple: Heirloom- Medium to large, unique color and flavor. (I)
Copia: Large, beautiful, yellow and orange striped, beefsteak tomato. (I)
Kellogg’s Breakfast: Orange beefsteak heirloom (I)
**Martino’s Roma: Pretty Italian heirloom(D)
Pruden’s Purple: Heirloom Beefsteak (I)
Rose de Berne: loved heirloom-midsize (I)
**Pink Berkeley Tie Dye: pretty, delicious and
Black cherry: Cherry tomato-yum. (I)
Sakura: prolific sweet, red cherry tomatoes.(I)
Sunrise Bumblebee:pretty orange and gold striped cherry tomatoes.(I)
Watermelon:For Colorado high country short growing season
**Golden Midget: early-yellow rind when ripe, sweet and juicy.
Sugar Baby: small sweet and early.

Basil: Genovese-Aroma 2: resilient with glossy leaves and classic flavor.
Globe-Spicy Bush: Spicy, sweet, globe shaped plant with miniature leaf
Greek-Pluto: fine leaf, compact, beauty.
Cinnamon: Beautiful purple blooms.
Rosie: beautiful purple, basil
Borage: Big plant with beautiful flowers for humans and bees to eat.
Brahmi: Semi-aquatic Memory Enhancing
Cilantro: Predator insects love the flowers
Caribe: vigorous and good bolt resistance.
Comfrey: A medicinal. Also a good ingredient for compost piles and compost tea
Goji berry: Antioxidant and nutrient rich
Lemon Balm: Classic medicinal tea herb for migraines, high blood pressure
Mint: Digestion, pest deterrent
Self Heal: relieves canker sores, ground cover.
Parsley: Digestion
Italian Flat Leaf
Moss curled: beautiful addition to any plate
Spilanthes: Toothache plant: immune enhancing and dentifrice.
Sweet woodruff: A beautiful ground cover for shady places and with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Thyme: German: culinary, medicinally-disinfectant-internally and externally.
Woolly: soft, scented ground cover.
Valerian: Widely used as a calming, sedative
Yarrow: Beautiful flowers for cutting and beneficial insects. Biodynamic ingredient. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medicinal qualities.

Alyssum: Pastel shades, Large white
California Poppies: Purple Gleam, Lavender
Snapdragons: LaBella: bicolor red & white, Chantilly Pink, White, Brighton Rock: bicolor mix
Statice: Rose, Supreme Blue, White
Violas: Johnny Jump Ups
Zinnia: Bright Pink, Red, Purple, Golden yellow, White

It’s not too early to get some seeds and plants in the ground!

April is the perfect time to plant almost any leafy green. Lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, arugula and many more will do fantastic this month. Plant by seed, either in zone 5 or 6. Potatoes and peas can also be started in the ground now. Berries and cool season flowers can go in the ground too. Just be sure to have a light cover for our inevitable late season snow!