Blow-Out Sale, Saturday, July 3rd

Hours: Tue – Sat 9 – 5, Sun 10-4
Closed Sun 7/4 and Mon 7/5

Annuals 50% Off

Roses $5 Off

Perennials – Including Trees 25% Off

Hanging Baskets $25 Off

Soils & Amendments 10% Off

Biological Controls for Garden Destroying Bugs

Click on an image below for more information.

What We Are Using In Our Garden

Please follow the links for more information. The longer we live in Colorado, the more humble I get about my gardening skills!!! To keep the pests off my garden, I use a myriad of natural and organic products. None of them harm beneficial insects or bees. I am currently using multiple products to keep my garden from being devoured.

My new favorite is Bobbex Rose Repellant. I use this on my entire ornamental garden, not just roses. Not only does it repel deer and other small mammals, it is incredibly effective against insects,& beneficial for your plants.

I am also using Diatomaceous Earth, Fox Farm Force of Nature Repellent, Safer 3 in 1, Natural Guard Neem Oil, Natural Guard BT, & Captain Jacks Dead Bug.

I always use Nolo Bait. Tonight I will be adding nematodes, lacewings, & Ladybugs. Here are a couple of pictures of our garden.

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