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Nolo Bait

Last Chance for Nolo Bait
We are one of the very few garden centers that has Nolo Bait and we have a limited amount in stock. It is so scarce that M & R Durango (producer of Nolo Bait) called and asked if they could have what we have left. The answer of course was no! We are keeping what we have for you, our customers.

Grasshopper Life Cycle
Grasshoppers are more active in the morning and evening. Apply Nolo Bait during these times. Make sure that the bait stays dry. Place bait station a fair distance from the plants that are being destroyed. The bait is so attractive to grasshoppers it will attract grasshoppers. We make bait stations out of PVC pipes or other small containers. PVC is most effective as it protects the bait from sunlight and moisture, additionally grasshoppers are attracted to the color white.

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