Quality Soil = Healthy Plants & Featured Artists Noemi & Kristof Kosmowski

Garden Class – Know Your NPK’s

Saturday, 4/14 at 10 am
Suggested donation of $5
Masks & Social Distancing
Hands-on Class – Bring Your Tools

Come and get a thorough understanding what nutrients your plant needs & how to supply them.

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Quality Soil = Quality Plants

It’s that time of year to be wary of large chain store soils & amendments. Everyone likes to save money, but as the saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” That can certainly be the case with cheap soils, amendments, and mulches. The reason they’re cheap is because they’re often made with inferior materials in a large-scale production with low quality control. We have had many customers express how poorly their garden or perennials performed after using some of these bargain products. Some of the cheaper garden soils have very little organic matter with poor soil structure and no nutrients to feed your plants. Cheaper garden mulches are often made with recycled ground up pallets, and then painted with artificial dyes. Wood pallets are used in many different industries and what could have been spilled on those pallets is any one’s guess. While were all about recycling, this might not be the best use for our plants. In some cases, we advise our customers to dig these products out and start over. So, what makes the premium brands of soils and mulches better? Quality control for starters. Brands like Fox Farm, Black Gold and EKO are made to the highest standard in small batches. The soil scientists behind these brands have spent years hand crafting these soils for optimum growth performance. Yes, they cost a little more, but as the other saying goes “you get what you pay for.” Having a garden is an investment of both time and money. The more we put into them now the more they will give back later.

Featured Artists – Noemi & Kristof Kosmowski

We are lucky to carry the amazing work of Noemi & Kristof Kosmowski!

Kristof began his artistic career in Warsaw, Poland where he attended the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated in 1982 with a Masters Degree in graphic design.

Kristof worked as a graphic designer throughout Europe while honing his skills as a fine artist. An avid sportsman and former member of the Polish National Sailing Team, he naturally gravitated to painting images of the sports he loved.

From sailing to skiing, tennis and golf, the artist captures the fluidity of movement in his unique style. The Polish Postal Service commissioned the artist to design sports related images for national stamps.

Kristof and his wife Noemi, also a third generation professional artist, arrived in the United States in the early 1990’s and settled in South Florida. There they quickly became known for their work in Trompe L’oeil and numerous exhibitions at leading galleries throughout Florida ensued.

Noemi’s still life pieces have gone from classical renderings to explosive, colorful contemporary realism. The viewer can almost taste the flavor of the subject while smelling the aromatic scents wafting from the images.

The couple relocated to the picturesque town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado in 2009, so that Kristof could return to his love of snow skiing. Both artists discovered a new passion; that of painting the horse. Noemi interpreting her subject in her infamous classical style, while Kristof transferred his love of speed, fluidity of movement and excitement to his depiction of the sport of kings, polo..


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