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15% Off Pro-Rich Turf Food

Formula: 14-2-5 Plus Iron & Sulfur (also contains Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Manganese).
Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food supplies the recommended 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.
Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is made in Colorado and is designed for use in the Western United States.
* Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is unique in its offering with its organic base.
* Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is organic based with DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste).

March Garden Calendar

March is a month with both winter and spring (and mud). On spring-like days work on garden clean-up. On winter like days start seeds under grow lights.

It has been a dry season. It’s time to water all of your plants and yard. Make sure it is consistently above 40 degrees and will remain that temperature for a couple of hours so that it will completely soak in. Remember to disconnect and drain your hoses.

Early March is the time to have your soil tested. We have Soil Testing kits from CSU.

As soon as the ground can be worked, till in 2-4″ of compost or soil conditioner into your garden.

Mid-March plant peas and sweet peas directly in the garden, soak the seeds overnight. Make sure you have bought seeds and prepped your area. Cool-season vegetables, greens, and root crops can be planted outside too; this includes radishes, spinach, arugula, lettuce, onion sets and potatoes. Use a cold frame if you’re Zone 4 or lower or at higher elevations.

In early March prune Clematis and other perennial vines while they are still dormant. Clematis blooms on new wood. If you do not prune it, it will have decreased blooms. You want stems back that are 9-12″. Make clean, straight cuts. Prune to just above two strong buds.

Mid-March is time to fertilize your trees and shrubs. We have many organic and natural fertilizers in stock. Add mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria. We have Tree Saver in stock.

Mid to late March have your lawn aerated. Leave the cores on the lawn to break down. Fertilize your lawn after it has been aerated. We have All Season Pro-Rich available and on sale. An easy way to remember when to fertilize your lawn is around holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and finally Halloween.

Adapted from https://extras.denverpost.com/graphicsdept/gardencolorado/calendar/gardencoloradocalendar.html

Garden Bed Kits

This season, we will be carrying garden bed kits. The cedar garden beds are made from 2″ thick rustic cedar and make a statement in the landscape providing year-round beauty. Fourth Street Farm will be making them. Please contact us for sizes, pricing, and to reserve your bed.

Plant Propagation Stations

These stations are ideal to root your cuttings. They are locally made and come in 4 different stains.

House Plant Hints

Banana Peel Tea

Soak two to three banana skins in roughly 32 oz. of water for a few days. We use distilled water to water our houseplants as we are on a well. The minerals will leach into the water, which you can then use as it for your plants, with no need to dilute. Give the soaked peels to your worms or put it in the compost.

Like all plants, bananas contain important nutrients. You can recycle these back into your garden to build plant and soil health.

Bananas are rich in minerals including:

promote general plant vigor.
build up resistance to pest and disease.
fruit development.
regulate around 50 enzymes in a plant.
build turgor (or uprightness of stems and the thickness of cell walls).
strongly influences fruiting and flowering.
is essential for good root and shoot growth.
assists with pollination.
is very important in seed germination and viability.
is the ‘ingredient’ of cell walls concerned with root development and growing stem points.
helps ‘open up’ soil to allow more oxygen.
With such important roles to play, these macro nutrients are vital for plant health and wellbeing. However, plants need many other nutrients too (NOT just N-P-K)!

Hands-on Garden Classes

Our hands-on gardening classes are back this year. Our 1st class will be tool maintenance and fruit tree pruning on Sat 3/20/2021 at 10 am. Registration will be required this year. Details and cost will be in next weeks news letter.

Online Gardening Classes

I highly recommend these classes. We will be collaborating with Fourth Street Farm on many different projects this season.
To register, follow this link:

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