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April Garden Calendar

Garden cleanup is the first priority. Rake leaves and debris from around trees, shrubs and other garden areas. Check trees and shrubs for broken or dead branches and prune when necessary.
Plant container trees and shrubs from now through late spring. Consider the purpose of your landscape as well as the size of your property, and talk to us if you have questions about what will do well in your circumstance.
Early April
Plant Asparagus crowns (roots) in trenches 6-inches deep. Then, as plants grow, gradually fill in with soil. In an established asparagus bed work nitrogen fertilizer around plants before spears emerge.
Soak Parsley seeds 24 hours before planting ΒΌ-inch deep.
Dill seeds should be pressed lightly into the soil.
It’s not too late to plant all varieties of peas, though they usually are planted late March
Start tomato seeds.
Mid April
Plant lettuce, chard, spinach, kale, beets, carrots, radishes, and onion sets.
Start seeds of flowers like zinnias and celosia that need four weeks before planting outside. It’s not too late to plant Cardinal Seed Vine and Hyacinth Bean Vine indoors, two annual vines that put on a beautiful show mid to late summer.
Late April
Start thinning vegetable seedlings to recommended spacing.
Spring and summer bulbs and roots like hyacinth, lily of the valley, anemone, lilies, freesia, gladiolus, dahlia, and peonies can be planted now.
Transplant: When soil has thawed, divide and transplant summer and fall blooming perennials.
Roses: Once new growth starts, usually mid-April, slowly remove mulch from around the plants. Prune dead or damaged canes first, then prune all other canes to approximately 1 to 2 feet above ground. As active growth appears, fertilize with a rose food formulation. Do not prune live canes of climbing roses. However, cutting out dead canes is recommended.
Lawn care: Core aeration is one of the most beneficial things you can do to maintain a healthy lawn.
Weeding: Hand pull weeds before they get too big or there are too many. If possible, make this the year you don’t use chemical herbicides. We carry 30% horticultural vinegar.
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April Sale

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Garden Classes

All of our Spring Gardening Classes will be offered online this year. Check out our new YouTube channel or our Classes page.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

Now is the time to prepare your lawn for warmer weather. We have ours aerated every spring and then fertilize with Pro-Rich All Season Turf Food. It is natural and organic. We have it in stock at $29.95, and it is 10% off through 04/30/2020.

Seed Potatoes

Order Online – Fortress Russet, Yellow Finn, Dark Red Norland

Dark Red Norland
A red-skinned, white-fleshed cultivar with a primary use for salads, very good for boiling. However, it can also be good for making french fries and potato chips, but is not good for baking. Norlands are determinate and short-season. They yield well with uniform shape, seldom developing off-type tubers. Norlands are adaptable to cooler climates.

Yellow Finn
This outstanding potato has a waxy yellow skin and makes delicious salads, gratins, stews, and scalloped potatoes layered with cheese. Its sweet, buttery flavor is attractive to gourmet cooks and potato lovers alike. Each potato is a medium size and varied in shape but is often oblong and slightly tapered toward each end.

Fortress Russet
It is called “Fortress” because of its highly desirable disease resistance to major potato diseases including: PVY, early and late blight, and verticillium wilt.

Seeds In The Store

We are working to keep our inventory up-to-date on the Plants & Seeds page. Please call, email, or visit the seeds page to order so we can have your order ready for free pickup. Locally grown organic plant starts will be in next month.

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