Growing your own food is more important than ever

Victory Gardens – The Importance of Growing Your Own Food

Given our current situation, we feel it is vital to grow as much of your own food as possible.

Gardens are vital given what is currently happening with lack of food in stores. Gardening provide significant and tangible benefits: from food production to mental health to stronger, more virus resistant bodies that result from gardening and a safe haven in an outdoor space while practicing safe social distancing.

March Sale 10% Off All Bagged Soils and Amendments

Soils are in and ready for your spring garden prep.

Garden Classes & Social Distancing

New Castle Gardens is producing a series of videos of our classes in order to allow for garden education while social distancing is necessary. They will be on our website and social media in the coming weeks. The curriculum will also be added as a pdf.

Garden Ed & Home Schooling

For parents that are now homeschooling to those that always have, gardening is not only a chance to be outside and get physical exercise, but an educational opportunity. I teach gardening to children and adults and will be sharing my curriculum with everyone on our website and social media. Gardening teaches our children where our food comes from, in addition there is a strong science component to it. It also empowers them knowing that they will have their own food and may help relieve some of the anxiety they are feeling.

Spring Gardening Supplies

We have seeds, soils, and amendments in. Everything you need to start your seeds inside your house or greenhouse.

Spring Planting

Time to start your root crops, peas and potatoes outside.

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