Sales & Pest Control – Time to Fertilize

50% Off All Annuals, Veggies, & 4″ Perennials
25% Off Nolo Bait, Horticultural Vinegar, & House Plants (not including terrariums & tillandsias)
$35 5# Fruit Trees or 3 for $90
$20 Roses

Time to Fertilize!

As the temperatures stay high and watering is increased, your plants need more fertilizer to stay healthy and productive. Healthy, well fed plants are more resistant to insect damage and produce more nutrient dense food. We can help you feed all your plants in a natural and organic way.

The stink bugs are out of control!

We have never seen so many stink bugs. Stink bugs have piercing/sucking mouth parts and will feed on all of your fruits and vegetables. We lost quite a few tomatoes to them until we started heavy control. The most effective control we have found is a combination of Neem oil and horticultural soap. We heavily spray in the evening, then lightly rinse the plants in the morning. As you are rinsing you plants, carry a bucket of soapy water and knock any stink bugs into the bucket. We have seen a significant reduction in the amount of stink bugs doing this. We just got an order of Captain Jacks Dead Bug in and will start adding this in to our war on stink bugs.

The earwigs are out of control too!

We have also never seen so many earwigs. In small amounts they are not a problem, however this year there is a very large population. We have had success using diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is not harmful to pets or humans, but works by cutting or absorbing the thin, waxy layer that covers insects. DE does not harm earthworms or other beneficial soil micro-organisms. Sprinkle it around the base of plants that earwigs and other insect pests, such as aphids, scales and caterpillars, are damaging. If applying dry DE be sure to wear a mask as it is can irritate the lungs even though it is non-toxic. DE can also be mixed with water and sprayed. When it dries, it becomes an effective pest control.

The grasshoppers are out of control too!

We do a weekly application of Nolo Bait and have seen a significant reduction in the amount of grasshoppers.

It’s not too late to put perennials in!

We still have quite a few 4″ perennials in. They might not look so nice in pots right now, but these pictures show 4″ perennials we planted last year about this time and what they look like now. Just imagine how much better they will look next year as we have water and no fires (the smoke makes it just as hard for the plants to breathe as us). Added bonus, they are 50% off!

$20 Roses!

We still have some beautiful roses in stock. There is still plenty of time to get them in the ground.

Houseplant of the week!

This is a true collectors plant! It’s common name is Cardboard Fern. However it is neither a fern or cardboard! It is a cycad known as Zamia furfuracea. Cycads have been around since the age of dinosaurs. They predated angiosperms (flowering plants). Maintenance is minimal. Zamia thrives in moderate to bright light. It has a slow growth habit and needs a pot with excellent drainage. It is prone to some pests, such as spider mites, but its biggest problem is rot. Water deeply weekly in summer but reduce moisture in winter and fall by half. The thick underground trunk needs to be filled with stored water, but some may tend to over-water it and cause stem or crown rot. Prune off dead leaves as they occur and fertilize with a slow release palm food or a diluted household plant food once monthly during the growing season.

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