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$18 Roses

Fungal Issues?

Powdery mildew on your squash? Septoria spots on your tomato leaves? Septoria begins on the lowest leaves on the plant.Small, dark spots are the first sign. Then the spots develop yellow halos. Leaves turn yellow, then brown, and dry before falling off. The disease spreads from lower leaves upward on the plant.

We have found that Safer OMRI Sulfur based fungicide to be the most effective control for fungal issues in our climate.

Happy Frog Fruit & Flower OMRI

With the late start to our growing season this year, we are fertilizing our veggies (especially our tomatoes) much more aggressively. We apply Fox Farm OMRI Fruit and Flower 1-2 time a week. Our tomatoes are finally getting larger and ripening. You cannot over fertilize with organic, low number fertilizers. If you are using a petroleum based, high number, blue soluble fertilizer; over use will kill your plants.

Nolo Bait

The grasshoppers were late, but they are here now and in large #’s. We are selling through our Nolo Bait like crazy now. Let us know if you need a 5# or larger bag and we can get it.

$18 Roses

We still have some beautiful roses in stock. There is still plenty of time to get them in the ground.

Houseplant of the week!

We finally have citrus in! It is great as a houseplant, it needs a brightly lit area, otherwise it is very low maintenance. Can you imagine your own homegrown, fresh citrus? What a treat in our climate.

Recipe of the Week!

Rainbow Rice!
Use 2 or 3 day old rice (I like brown or Jasmine best). Add avocado oil to a large skillet, throw the rice in. Then use literally every type of veggie you have. I also add mushrooms. Toss them in when the rice is browning. When it is almost done, make a whole in the center and ad 4-6 eggs, scramble them, then mix with the rice. Cooked shrimp or meat can also be added.

New Artwork and Jewelry

Georgina Ford – Photographer

Georgina Ford – Photographer
(985) 630-8594
Born in drab grey Swindon, England to an eccentric water-color artist mother, and a world-exploring military father, Georgina was always going to have art and travel in her blood. She moved to Harare, Zimbabwe when she was a small child and the colors of Africa surged in her veins. She picked up her first camera at around eight years old, a Pentax Spotmatic, but the wait to get photos developed was too slow for her need for immediacy, and she was drawn towards painting and drawing instead.

At 16 she sold her first drawing, a charcoal nude drawn on tobacco paper. She love the curves and lines of the human figure, the emotions dawn on faces, on skin. She was offered a bursary to study fine art at Edinburgh University in Scotland, but her parents directed her to get a degree that would lead to a ‘proper job’. So she gave it up.

She ended up in Dubai, UAE, for a turbulent nine years, which saw her have her son and find the man who would support her passion for art, who became her husband and her rock. Her husband was offered a job in Aspen, Colorado, and, packing up everything they owned (and their pets), her family and her moved to Colorado, USA where she began exploring photography as Art, not just an income. In Colorado she found herself, her home, and her purpose.

Having long-since lost the ability to draw and paint, her digital camera has become her paintbrush, painting the images she sees in her head with light instead. Her art pieces are designed to create emotions through the framing, and careful editing process she applies to each image. From harsh, gritty black and white, and sepia tones, to vibrant, saturated color, each piece is individually hand-edited to fit the exact mood of the piece, and its place in time.

Upcoming Classes

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch starts Sat 9/28
Book your field trips, birthday parties, large groups now.
Lot’s of fun, new games.

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