August Garden Calendar, 50% Off Sale & Free Houseplants

50% off all annuals, veggies, and 4″ perennials
Selection of free plants (including some succulents)

August Garden Calendar

Direct-seed fall-season crops, including lettuce, radishes, beets, and Swiss chard near or under the shade of warm-season plants. All of our seeds are 50% off and if they are not varieties to plant in the Fall, they will will be good for spring planting.

Harvest crops often so they continue to produce.

Use clean scissors or small shears to harvest instead of pulling on plants or stems.

Peppers can be harvested as small as 3 to 4 inches in length. Red bell peppers need more time on the vine, but it’s OK to harvest them while green. Wear gloves when picking hot peppers. Also remember how important sun protection is. We have some great hats in stock too.

Bigger eggplants aren’t better, so harvest when they are large enough to use, but before their skin loses its gloss. When cutting from the plant leave a 1-inch piece of stem attached to the eggplant.

Pick up any early fallen tree fruits and compost them if they are not diseased or infested with insects.

If your tomato plants aren’t doing well, try these tips:
– Mulch plants with Soil Pep.
– Water consistently; check the moisture depth with a trowel or your fingers. If the soil is wringing wet 4 inches down, you’re over watering.
– Tomatoes need 1 to 2 inches of moisture per week.
– Container-grown plants will need watering once or twice daily.
– Fertilize when the fruits are one-third grown and again after picking the first ripe fruit.
– Use a general vegetable fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen, higher in phosphorous, and medium to high in potassium, such as 4-9-3. Happy Frog Fruit and Flower is ideal and OMRI.

Deadhead spent blooms, pull weeds, and plan.

Start planning what fall bulbs you want. Next weeks newsletter will have the varieties we will be offering this fall.

Mid-August is the recommended last feeding time for roses. If they are repeat bloomers, this will help with their final flush of blooms.

Powdery mildew begins to appear on susceptible plants like bee balm, veronica, lilac, roses, squash, and pumpkins. Sulfur based fungicides and neem oil are effective controls.

The grasshoppers are crazy this year. We have been applying Nolo Bait on a weekly basis to control their population.

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Beautiful Collector Quality Houseplants!

Free Plants (pottery not included)

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