Potatoes 101 – Free Gardening Class

Spring 2019

Potatoes 101 – Free Hands On Gardening Class

Saturday, April 13 2019 at 10 a.m.

Plant and grow a variety of potatoes, in a variety of ways. Hands on, bring your tools and gloves

Potato Varieties in Stock

La Ratte Potatoes
Late-season 110-135 days. This heirloom potato cultivar originated in France in the late 19th century. A fingerling type with yellow skin and deep golden flesh that remains firm and pleasantly waxy after cooking. Excellent for roasting and in salads. A popular variety with French chefs. Good storage qualities.
Mid-season 100-120 days. Bintje has a pale yellow skin on a long oval tuber with a yellow flesh. Heavy setting, the thick skin makes this a good storage potato. Excellent all purpose potato with fairly dry texture.
Canela Russet
Late-season 100-130 days. Picture perfect baked potatoes! Tops for fries and baked potatoes. Russet-colored skins and bright white flesh. High yields and stores extremely well. This beautiful new russet potato is the one you’ll want sitting next to your steak on the dinner plate! Yields large uniform, great-tasting potatoes with russet skin and bright white flesh! Excellent for making fries or picture-perfect baked potatoes! High yields, stores extremely well. Harvest late in the season.
Dark Red Norland
Early-season, 70-90 days. Productive and early red-skinned variety. Selected for richer red skin color. Round to oblong tubers have white flesh, store well, and are excellent for roasting and boiling. Plant at closer spacing (6-8″) for small “new” potatoes. Resistant to Potato Virus A; moderate resistance to common scab and rhizoctonia.
German Butterball
Late-season 110-135 days. Unrivaled in creamy, buttery flavor and superb dense texture. Very popular, versatile variety that is excellent boiled, roasted or fried. Pale yellow skin and golden flesh. Scab resistant, some late blight resistance. Stores well
Early-season, 70-90 days. Excellent all-purpose potato. Widely-adapted, fast-growing plants do best when planted at 8-10″ spacing to avoid overly-large tubers. High yields of round-to-oblong tubers with buff skin and white flesh that store well. Resistant to Potato Virus A and Potato Virus Y; moderate resistance to Potato Virus S, Potato Virus X, blackleg, and foliage late blight.
Yukon Gold
Mid-season 100 days. Yellow-flesh standard. Large, upright plants produce round-oval tubers with yellow-buff skin and delicious, light-yellow flesh. Suitable for any cooking style and stores well. Resistant to Potato Virus A; moderately resistant to leaf roll. Susceptible to hollow heart, which can be avoided with consistent soil moisture.

Here’s a great link about how to plant potatoes:

This link has a lot of great info too:

Acidified Composted Cotton Burrs

Potatoes prefer to grow in acidic, light soil. We have found Acidified Cotton Burrs to be the perfect soil amendment for potatoes and the entire garden.

Soil Sulfur

pH has to be maintained throughout the growing season. We fight both alkaline soils and alkaline water, so this is a product that we use a lot in our own garden. We carry garden sulfur in 4# and 50# bags.

GrowHands Salt Scrub

Gardening can be rough on your hands and body. We carry an all natural hand scrub, made right here in Rifle, to use at the end of a long day gardening.

Mom’s Magic Balm

Speaking of a long day in the garden, I use Mom’s Magic Balms on my hands and feet every night. It has really helped with some problems I have with my hands. Not only is it effective, it is made right here in Glenwood Springs.

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