Composting 101

Free hands on gardening class Saturday 04/14/2018 at 10:00 a.m.
Free classes every Saturday at 10 a.m. through April 2018

Keep it out of the landfill and feed your garden!

We can help you make rich compost from your kitchen and garden scraps to create a flourishing garden.

Come ready to get dirty. We’ll build a compost pile from the ground up. Straw, coffee grounds, eggshells, yard trimmings, and beneficial soil microorganisms will all be incorporated to create a compost pile. Learn all about browns and greens, Carbon and Nitrogen, and the correct moisture. Feel free to bring your own materials to incorporate into our compost pile.

Class starts at 10 a.m. Sat 4/14/18. FREE!

EKO Organic Clay Buster

Benefits of using EKO Organic Clay Buster

EKO Clay Buster is 100% Organic. It consists of thoroughly cured compost with the benefit of pumice. Products that are only partially decomposed can actually reduce the amount of nitrogen available to your plants, because the micro-organisms will use the nitrogen to finish decomposing the material.

EKO Clay Buster uses only virgin wood products for a carbon source. No recycled tree branches are used due to the possibility of pesticide contamination. It will have a consistent mix due to its controlled quality ingredients.

Micro-organisms are an important part of the composting process. Micro-organisms convert carbon into energy for their own growth. They recycle the nutrients from decaying material into their own bodies and eventually back into the soil. Your plants use the nutrients stored in the micro-organisms for food, and the process starts over.

Pumice is the key ingredient to EKO Clay Buster. Pumice is a rock, that creates porosity in the soil, providing air space to the roots, space for water to reach root zones, as well as providing space for drainage to avoid “drowning” plant roots.

Salt Content
The salt content as measured by independent labs is 2.7. This is considered a low salt content according to university standards.
High salt content can wither plants resulting in decreased plant growth and a decrease in the general health of the plant.

The pH of EKO CLAY BUSTER as measured by independent lab analysis is 7.2. This is considered to be a neutral pH level. High pH is considered to be alkaline, and low pH is considered to be acidic.
If the pH of your soil is out of balance, it can decrease the growth of your plant and can negatively affect the absorption of nutrients by plants.

Bulk Top Soil

Great Top Soil
Larger Quantities Available
Sold by the Yard
Discounts available on large orders

Chemical Free and Proud of it!

When we bought the nursery, the first thing we did was remove the truly toxic chemicals from the store. We are not 100% organic, but we are definitely natural gardeners. No Weed and Feed, no Round-Up, not toxic pesticides or systems. You’ll find organic fertilizers, natural methods of pest control and good old fashioned advice. We were worried about losing customers, but are proud of the changes we have made. We are Kid and Pet safe. Imagine if one of ur kitties ate a poisoned vole or rodent. It might not kill them the 1st time, but thru the process of bio-accumulation, they may ingest enough poison to die. In addition to outright death pesticides, rodenticides, and herbicides are linked to :

– Exposure to herbicides and pesticides may result in the following:
– Reproductive effects: effects on the reproductive system or on the ability to produce healthy offspring.
– Teratogenic effects: effects on unborn offspring, such as birth defects.
– Carcinogenic effects: produces cancer in living animal tissues.
– Oncogenic effects: tumor-forming effects (not necessarily cancerous.)
– Mutagenic effects: permanent effects on genetic material that can be inherited.
– Neurotoxicity: poisoning of the nervous system, including the brain.
– Immunosuppression: blocking of natural responses of the immune system responsible for protecting the body

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