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Black Gold Natural and Organic
2 cf $14.95

Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil is so versatile it works for everything from hanging baskets to raised vegetable beds. This is not just any soil, it’s a precise blend of everything your plants need to look their best and produce abundantly. Because it’s listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute, you can be sure your organic food crops grown in this enriched soil remain blessedly chemical free.
The scientists at Black Gold have worked hard to create the very best combination of organic matter and drainage enhancers. The base is not filled with woody matter like low cost soils which can be notoriously low in nutrients. Ours is strictly created with sphagnum peat moss, compost and finely ground forest products for water retention and overall nutrition. To prevent packing down and ensure perfect drainage, optimal proportions of coarse perlite and pumice are incorporated for a moist, yet aerated root zone.
What really boosts this potting soil is the addition of screened worm castings, which contain a wide range of biological benefits. These byproducts of earthworms contain the very stuff of plant life: microscopic organisms that turn potting soil from a collection of organic matter into a living breathing soil teeming with microbes. Castings are also rich in minerals and micronutrients, which are so often lacking in man-made soils. The combination of organic matter, microbes and nutrients are three most important elements of the organic garden, driving the decomposition process that feeds plants naturally. Many of the microbes can also benefit plant growth, disease resistance and the ability to survive a dry spell.
So don’t buy one soil for your organic garden and another to power your flowers through the season when there’s a single organic product that does it all. The real benefit of such a perfect blend is its longevity, because living soil is literally self sufficient. It rarely requires replacement because this soil doesn’t wear out like cheaper brands that can never be coaxed to produce well the second or third season. Count on Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil to remain fertile and well drained today and years down the road for a clean, chemical-free, sustainable garden.

Bulk Cedar Mulch 4 cy $249.95
& Bagged Cedar Mulch 2 cf $3.95

New Castle Gardens has Red Cedar Mulch available in 2 cf (cubic feet) bags or a 4 cy (cubic yard) compressed bale which fluffs up to 6 or 7 cubic yards. A compressed bale means you don’t pay for any air! Consider the value: the 4 cy cedar bale is the equivalent of 80+ 2 cf bags of cedar mulch. We will load the bale into the back of your pick-up or back of your trailer.
Why Mulch?
– Conserve soil
– Conserve water
– Provide consistent soil temperature for the day and night
– Barrier to new weed seeds that blow on the top of mulch
– Barrier to sprouting weeds growing from underneath
– Cedar Mulch with tannic acid repels crawling insects (think cedar chest!)
– Over time breaks down acting as compost to enrich the soil
– It’s a clean surface for walking or kneeling
– Provides a groomed “finished” appearance around your plants

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