SPRING 2018 Soils, Seeds, and Amendments are in!

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Time to start garden peas, beets, carrots, lettuces, poppies, sweet peas, and violas outside.

Garden peas, beets, lettuces, and carrots all prefer to be directly sown and do not transplant well.  The time to plant these outside is 2-4 weeks before your last frost date.

Violas, sweet peas, and poppies like to be planted where they are going to grow.  They can go into the ground or outdoor containers 4-6 weeks before your last frost date.

We have plenty of other seeds in stock too!

Black Gold® Seedling Mix  (OMRI)

The best seedling mix for germinating seeds and propagating cuttings. The mix is designed to promote better root development in young plants.

We start with a careful blend of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (which has been double-screened to remove larger particles and sticks); fine perlite and vermiculite to give seedlings and cuttings the aeration and moisture retention they need to develop a good root system. A wetting agent ensures rapid water penetration, and the fine texture encourages high germination and rooting.

Black Gold® Soil Conditioner

When it comes to buying a garden amendment, product quality is the name of the game. And the key to product quality is the choice of raw materials used to make the garden amendment. Black Gold Soil Conditioner is manufactured using only the highest quality raw ingredients. Including aged/composted bark, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, compost, bat guano, earthworm castings and a proprietary blend of mycorrhizae.

Pro Rich All Season Turf Food

14-2-5 Plus Iron & Sulfur (also contains Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Manganese).
Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food supplies the university recommended 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.
Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is made in Colorado and is designed for use in the Western United States.
* Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is unique in its offering with its organic base.
* Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is organic based with DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste).

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