Budding, Blooming, Fruiting, Flower! Time to Fertilize It All!!! (and kill any pests naturally and organically)

Budding, Blooming, Fruiting, Flowering
Organic and Natural Amendments
No matter what you are growing, now is the time to maximize yield be it fruits and veggies or flowers and buds.  We carry an extensive line of organic and natural amendments for your outdoor and indoor gardens.

MAXI-CAL 10-0-0 

Calcium Deficiency  Mix

Now is the time to add much needed Calcium and micronutrients to your quickly growing produce.
Maxi-Cal liquid provides excellent absorption and prevention or correction of  calcium and micronutrients deficiencies in fruit, vegetables, nut and vine crops.
Calcium Deficiency Symptoms
Blossom End Rot – Tomatoes, peppers and melon occur when plant is under stress or rapid growth.
Hollow Heart – Potatoes and brussel sprouts can develop internal brown spots during growing season or after harvest in storage.
Tip Burn – Cabbage and lettuce exhibit deficiency at growing tips of newly formed leaves.


Natural and Organic Pesticides

In addition to feeding your plants, you have to keep the insects, pests, and diseases at bay.  We have plenty of products in stock to fight whatever is eating or harming your plants

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