April 2-8 Soils and Compost Sales

Earth Essentials Bagged Soils and Composts 15% Off Thru 4/8/17 – Colorado Company

These products are the highest quality of this type of soil amendment available today. Please try a bag of any one of these products, and you will find them to be superior to similarly named products under other labels.

Back To Earth Acidified Cotton Burr Compost 15% Off Thru 4/8/17

Soils low in organic matter & humus or with poor tilth & structure cannot be rejuvenated with chemical fertilizers. Composted Cotton Burrs can quickly start improvement of such soils, since it begins to function immediately, restoring vital organic matter & humus to soils, regardless of soil conditions.

· Ideal general-purpose mulch for amending clay or sandy soils
· Contains no chemicals, weeds, insects, or harmful pathogens

BTE Composted Cotton Burrs are a great general purpose mulch & organic soil builder.
Acidified Composted Cotton Burrs contain elemental sulfur to help neutralize high pH soils.

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