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Locals Choice Gold
4 Years in a Row

We LOVE you guys! Thank you so much for your appreciations. We work hard to provide you with quality service and plants. This year we have expanded the choices in our gift shop and garden center.


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It’s Time to Plant Garlic

Organic & Heirloom Garlic is Here
All About Garlic Sat 9/25 10am

All About Garlic It’s Time to Plant Garlic! Fall is garlic planting time. We have organic, heirloom garlic. Hand selected varieties that thrive in our climate. High quality, large bulbs. You will not find these varieties in the grocery store. They are a chefs treat.

All About Garlic
Sat 9/25@10am
Learn how to plant garlic. We will also learn all about garlic varieties, flavor, climate preferred and more.

Roaring Fork Valley Bear Coalition

So many of us have bears right in our yards. They are in their hyperphagic state. Meaning they are eating machines putting on fat for the winter. Until recently, we always woke up to bear ravaged trash cans. This all changed when we installed these simple, but highly effective ties. More great info about bears here.

These bear proofing straps were supplied to us by Daniela, founder of Roaring Fork Valley Bear Coalition. For no cost at all to you, she will supply you with the same straps we have. We have a limited amount of these straps in the store. Stop in and pick one up for free.

Find all about Roaring Fork Valley Bear Coalition here:
Roaring Fork Valley Bear Coalition
Contact Daniela at bearinfo@roaringforkbears.org

Fall Gardening

There are lot’s of garden chores to be done in the Fall.
Plants that need to go into the ground now, both by bulb and by seed.
We currently have garlic and seeds, by next week we will have onions & deer resistant ornamental bulbs.
Look for an upcoming garden calendar and more fall gardening classes and tips.

Sadly No Pumpkin Patch this year. We hope to bring back that tradition soon!

Blow-Out Sale, Saturday, July 3rd

Hours: Tue – Sat 9 – 5, Sun 10-4
Closed Sun 7/4 and Mon 7/5

Annuals 50% Off

Roses $5 Off

Perennials – Including Trees 25% Off

Hanging Baskets $25 Off

Soils & Amendments 10% Off

Biological Controls for Garden Destroying Bugs

Click on an image below for more information.

What We Are Using In Our Garden

Please follow the links for more information. The longer we live in Colorado, the more humble I get about my gardening skills!!! To keep the pests off my garden, I use a myriad of natural and organic products. None of them harm beneficial insects or bees. I am currently using multiple products to keep my garden from being devoured.

My new favorite is Bobbex Rose Repellant. I use this on my entire ornamental garden, not just roses. Not only does it repel deer and other small mammals, it is incredibly effective against insects,& beneficial for your plants.

I am also using Diatomaceous Earth, Fox Farm Force of Nature Repellent, Safer 3 in 1, Natural Guard Neem Oil, Natural Guard BT, & Captain Jacks Dead Bug.

I always use Nolo Bait. Tonight I will be adding nematodes, lacewings, & Ladybugs. Here are a couple of pictures of our garden.