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New Castle Gardens

6501 CR 214 (Peach Valley Road)
New Castle, CO 81647

We are a smoke free nursery – No Fumar. For their safety, and that of our customers, please leave your pets at home.
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Memorial Day Weekend – Time to Plant

We are fully stocked with all our veggies, annuals, perennials, amendments, fertilizers, soils, and more.

Canna Lilly Sale

1# Cannas normally $12, now $10
3# Cannas normally $30, now $25

Locally grown, OMRI produce plants.

You have no idea how hard these have been to find this year.

Hanging Strawberry Baskets

They’re back! Beautiful and delicious, ever-bearing strawberries in a hanging basket.

Hanging Flower Baskets

We have the best flower basket grower in the area! We have upgraded our selection and will have 12″ baskets up to 20″ moss baskets.

Our annuals are always healthy & diverse.

We have all of your favorites and as usual many new varieties.

We have a large selection of beautiful perennials.

We have expanded our selection of perennials, including cold hardy succulents.

Mothers Day Flowers and Festivities

We will be fully stocked with all our trees, veggies, perennials and more by this weekend.

FREE Hands-on Gardening Class
Saturday 05/11/19 at 10 a.m.
Thrillers, Fillers, Spillers

Design your own custom planter.

We will share our secrets to create a stunning planter. Everything you need to make your own overflowing pot of fabulous flowers!

Mother’s Day Festival

Come celebrate with us!

Hanging Baskets

This years baskets are going to blow you away! We will have an even larger selection, with more large moss baskets.

Don’t forget: For even better savings, our tax rate is only 3.9%.

Fertilizer 101 – Free Spring Gardening Class

Saturday 05/04/19 at 10 a.m.
Fertilizer 101

Do You Know Your NPK’s?
Image from: https://hortamericas.com/blog/tech-doctor-steve/essential-plant-elements/#

You must feed your plants for them to thrive. Join us to learn what to feed your plants to make them healthy.

We will discuss how feeding your edible plants correctly will optimize the nutrient levels that you will receive when eating them.

Seed Potato SALE!

25% Off, 33% Off Purchases > 5 lbs


We are fully stocked with our beautiful 6″ geraniums. As always, these stunning plants are only $9.95.

For even better savings, our tax rate is only 3.9%.